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How to set up a company in Brazil

Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world, by territory and population, with important exits to the Atlantic Ocean and borders with countries from South America. These are only a few of the attributes which are considered important by many foreign investors interested in establishing their activities in Brazil. With a solid and respected history, significant inheritance and in a continuous fight for self-development, Brazil aligns with the powerful countries worldwide with stable and reliable economies. Starting a company in Brazil as a foreign entrepreneur may require several important terms and conditions, a matter where our specialists in company formation in Brazil can help with comprehensive guidance regarding the documents to be prepared when registering the firm. Most recommendations involve setting up a limited liability company in Brazil or branches from overseas.


Limited liability companies in Brazil

LLCs in Brazil have acceptable rules to observe and their owners can be from outside the country, no matter the nationality. It is good to know that, if you want to open a company in Brazil from abroad, a national representative with a power of attorney should be appointed before registering a limited liability company in the country, a situation in which our team of advisors can provide support. Please consider that limited liability companies in Brazil may activate in any kind of sectors and the minimum share capital is $1.

Public limited companies in Brazil

In order to set up a public limited company in Brazil, there are necessary at least two stockholders and three directors, no matter their nationality. Such entity cannot be listed on the stock exchange in Brazil, must have annual audits and it is subject to tax returns. As a reminder, public limited companies in Brazil can be registered with the help of a legal representative with Brazilian nationality, or even more simple and accurate, with complete support from our company incorporation agents in Brazil.

Branches and representative offices in Brazil

Foreign investors in Brazil can register branches or representative offices in Brazil, with the suitable help from our consultants who are experienced in company formation in Brazil. In this matter, an authorization from the government of Brazil must be obtained once you start drafting the documents for your branch, considering the local rules and regulations. The differences between a branch and a representative office are that the first one is allowed to make direct sales and money transactions, while the representative office is registered only for marketing purposes and for business clients research in Brazil.

Corporations in Brazil

Investors from abroad have also the possibility of setting corporations in Brazil, which are legal entities, separate from the owners and divided into shares, where the owners have unlimited responsibilities for the losses registered by the business. One can choose to settle an open corporation which can receive resources from public or a closed corporation which is entirely funded by the stockholders.

Documents for opening a company in Brazil

When drafting the documents for your company in Brazil, whether it is an LLC, branch or corporation, you are invited to ask for suitable help in this matter from our agents in company incorporation in Brazil, who can guide you during the entire registration process, also considering the fees which need to be paid. Here are the main documents for company registration in Brazil:
articles of association;
copies of the owners’ IDs and passports;
details about the name and the address of the future company you want to register;
bank statements to provide the minimum share capital;
notarized rental contract if any;
VAT certificate.
We mention that a legal representative in Brazil can set up your business if you are a foreign entrepreneur who wants to implement the activities on the market, without having to travel to Brazil.
For comprehensive information about how to register a company in Brazil and the related services in this matter, we invite you to get in touch with our company formation agents in Brazil.